spc logoBelow are links to the SPC for Excel Version 6 help files.  These help files are arranged by the order they appear in the SPC for Excel ribbon.  Select the title below to go to a help page that describes the techniques in general (like Pareto)  or select the individual links below to go to the help page for that specific topic (e.g., Frequency below the Pareto title).


  • pareto on spc ribbonPareto

    • Frequency: creates a Pareto diagram based on categories and frequencies
    • Defect: creates a Pareto diagram from a list of defects
    • Variable and Two-Level: creates a Pareto diagram for defects for each variable (such as day, afternoon, and night shift) or one two-level Pareto diagram


  • histogram ribbonHistograms

    • Basic: creates a histogram from data in a worksheet range
    • Multiple: create multiple histograms from data in columns
    • Group: creates a group histogram



  • ribbon process capabilityProcess Capability

    • Cpk Charts: creates a chart with the histogram, normal distribution, and specifications along with the statistics (Cpk, Cp, Ppk, Pp, etc.)
    • Multiple Cpk Charts: creates multiple Cpk charts at one time from data in a table
    • Non-Normal Ppk Charts: handles non-normal data; creates a chart with the histogram, distribution curve, and specifications along with the statistics (Ppk, Pp, etc.)
    • Normal Process Capability SnapShot: creates a snapshot in time of your process with a Cpk chart, control chart, normal probability plot and statistics
    • Non-Normal Process Capability SnapShot: creates a snapshot in time of your process (data is non-normal) with a Ppk chart, control chart, P-P plot and statistics
    • Binomial Capability: creates a % defectives histogram, p control chart, cumulative % defective chart, % defectives versus subgroup size chart and statistical metrics
    • Poisson Capability: creates DPU histogram, u control chart, cumulative DPU chart, DPU versus subgroup size chart, and statistical metric







  • utilities ribbonUtilities

    • Select cells or fix the histogram shade



  • Export charts to Word or PowerPoint



  • ribbonhelpHelp

    • Check for program update, link to this page, and About SPC for Excel information

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