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I can't begin to tell you how helpful the articles in your knowledge base have been to me and my company. I've taken a lot of statistics, in college, grad school, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification courses, corporate training, etc, and the explanations you have provided are by far the best SPC resources I've encountered. I particularly appreciate your use of actual examples with numbers that I can copy down in an Excel spreadsheet and review to enhance my own understanding of the material. You have provided an excellent service to the SPC community!"
Newton B. Green II, PE, PMP, DEE
Advisory Engineer – Quality Director
NovaTech USA

Below are our past publications (dating back to January 2004) as well as articles. The publications contain the featured topic for the month. The articles are pdf files. If you would like to search our publications by category instead of by month, please select this link. Select the “Subscribe” button to the right to sign-up for our monthly publications.

Articles Presented At National Conferences

Using Time Series Charts to Analyze Financial Data” – this paper was presented at the Annual Quality Congress and describes how one company has used time series charts to analyze financial data (from the monthly profit and loss statement). (Download size: 375 KB)

Cutting Costs, Not Employees” – this paper describes how organizations can cut costs without cutting employees; it also describes the role of the quality professional in making this happen. (Download size: 400 KB)

Process Management” – this paper was presented at the Annual Quality Congress and shows how one company is using Process Management as its method to embed quality into the culture of the company, to run its business, to optimize systems and to reach its vision. At the heart of Process Management is a five-step method that is applied to each primary process: define, document, measure, manage and improve. The model represents a blend of process and people skills, which include statistical analysis of processes, teamwork, and team styles. (Download size 275 KB)

Quality Skills Training: A Roadmap For Learning” – this paper was presented at the Annual Quality Congress. The purpose of this paper is to provide a blueprint for conducting monthly quality training to all associates. The major component of this blueprint is called Quality Skills Training (QST). QSTs are one and half-hour training sessions. This paper describes how these training sessions are designed and includes a teaching guide for one topic: creativity. This paper is designed to be part of an interactive session where the QST on creativity is presented as part of the blueprint. (Download size 378 KB)

Develop Effective Metrics for Supply Management” – this paper was presented at the 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference. Metrics are used to know where you are, where you have been and where you are going. This paper examines a process for selecting metrics based on the organization’s vision. The best way to know if a metric is changing is to examine the data over time using time-series charts. A ten-step process to implement metrics is also presented. (Download size 61KB)

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